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All-Inclusive Premier Athlete Package
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After years of working with professional and other elite level athletes, we’ve come to understand the expectation and unwavering necessity of the genuine results top-level athletes require for off ice hockey training. Just as much, the scope of services must not only be convenient, but also superior to the standard even good institutions might follow.

Your objectives for injury rehabilitation and recovery as well as performance enhancement and preparation for the next season are crucial to your success. Anything less than a masterfully designed, well-executed and comprehensive program will leave you short of achieving your off-season objectives.

Professional Boxer, Tony Harrison

The 2SP Sports Performance All-Inclusive Premier Athlete Package rivals that of any other performance training institution qualified to address the unique needs or advanced athletes. You will access to train and receive the concierge level services you require, as frequently as necessary. There are no per session charges only one flat rate for all of the services you need during the entire off-season. We’ve created this program to provide our select, uncompromising clientele the highest level of service and attention to their off-season objectives.

Below are all of the features your investment will include:

    Season Feedback
    Personal History
    Nutritional Data
    Athlete Profile
    Chase specific foundational athletic performance qualities

    • Strength
    • Speed
    • Agility
    • Hypertrophy
    • Endurance
    • Agility
    • Corrective
    • Power

*Comprehensive assessment required. *Times, dates, and accessibility may vary.

If you would like to know more about this training program, or would like to see firsthand how it works, please call us at (248) 397-8945 and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions or take you on a tour

Strength Training

    3 – 4 month program (May 1 – August 31st)
    Postural Assessment and Initial History and Programming
    Baseline body Composition Metrics
    Regular Follow Ups
    Customized, progressive program to the athletes off-season goals and objectives
    Therapeutic sessions with on-site Chiropractor including Active Release Technique (Limited sessions included)
    Private hours
    Trainer to athlete ration 2:5
    Individualized program
    Group Format

Additional Program Features
Intra and Post-Workout Nutrition

What's Included
    Biosteel Branch Sports Drink
    True Athlete BCAA’s
    Our own, just released NSF Certified for Sport protein drink – 2BUILD 3.0

Complete Off-season Nutrition and Meal Program

Whether your goal is to accumulate muscle, overhaul your body composition, overcome an injury, or increase your overall performance capability your off-season nutrition program must consider everything about you and what you need to accomplish while you’re training.

This program is designed to discover your most unique aspects so that we can build the perfect diet for you. With this, optimal recovery between your training session will occur. Other institutions may claim they will personalize your nutrition program, but quite often they only offer the same set of rules and sports nutrition basics you’ve heard before. At best, they may tweak your macro-nutrient ratios a bit. But…this doesn’t even scratch the surface of figuring out what does and what doesn’t work for you. Let alone, uncover key information about your unique bio-identity and the information that will allow you to truly recover faster and feel better than your competitors.
Together with you, our nutrition staff will design a completely tailored whole food-based program. We’ll consider your individual preferences, body-type, objectives, and lifestyle demands in arriving at the overall strategy. We will also support you through the implementation process so keeping with the program is both simple and enjoyable. We won’t just tell you what to eat, we’ll let you decide and help you simplify the process of making sure your body has all that it needs to recover and perform at its peak capability, gain muscle, or lose fat. By the time you’ve finished your off-season program, you’ll understand your personal needs for nutrient sufficiency, have a greater proficiency in making nutritional adjustments, and be better prepared to endure the upcoming season.

What's Included

    Weekly meetings with our trained nutrition counselors.
    An individualized meal plan
    5 Complete Weekly Meals prepared by trained chefs. These meals have been designed to fit within the structure of your meal plan.
    Shopping Lists, Recipes and food preparation strategies.
    Correspondence with your team’s personnel.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Testing (Optional)

How do you know you’re meeting your body’s needs for micronutrients? Most nutrition professionals will agree that prolonged nutritional deficiencies are like ticking time bombs that can significantly impact an athlete’s performance, recovery, and overall health. It’s not enough assume you’re sufficient in the nutrients that are responsible for energy production, hormone and tissue building, and essentially every other chemical your body needs to function properly. In order to determine if you are meeting your body’s optimal micronutrient levels, you need to look directly inside the cells to find the answers. This is what we do with an extraordinary test that measures 32 major micronutrients including:

    SpectraCell’s Micronutrient tests measure the function of 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids within our white blood cells.
    Scientific evidence shows us that analyzing the vitamin and mineral levels of white blood cells gives us the most accurate analysis of a body’s deficiencies. This is due, in part to the ability of lymphocytes to reveal the long-term nutrient status of an individual (between 4 and 6 months).
    Based on the results of the Micronutrient test, we can focus on building in foods into your meal plan and, if warranted, design approved supplement protocols to help you achieve nutrient-sufficiency.

NSF Certified For Sports Supplements

    Whey Protein Isolate
    Biosteel Sports Drink
    Joint and ligament support
    Greens (Still Trying to locate a product)

Anti-Oxidant Levels / Adrenal Stress Profile (Optional)

Excessive physical activity levels common among high performance athletes has the potential to adversely impact both the immune system and the body’s ability to eliminate the byproducts of an elevated metabolism. For this reason, it’s important to understand if these systems are working well on the athlete’s behalf. …

LEAP MRT Food Sensitivity Testing (Optional)

The LEAP MRT is the new gold standard for determining the foods that are perfect for you as well as those which may be problematic for your body. Because food sensitivities may not always be provoking symptoms, this doesn’t mean they are not creating an immune-based, inflammatory reaction in your body. Food sensitivities are not rare, it’s estimated as many as 40% of people have them. They are also very different than allergies and their deleterious effects go far beyond what most physicians understand. Headaches, migraines, brain fog, intestinal issues, joint and muscle pain as well as a host of other adverse reactions are common symptoms of food sensitivities. This extraordinary blood test and the accompanying diet strategy can help you discover certain foods and food chemicals that are challenging your health and ability to recover.