Youth Unlimited Performance Training for Athletes 13 to 18
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Unlimited Performance Training is a very successful training program which is similar to a college strength and conditioning format. How it works is we make our strength coaches and trainers available on the gym floor to assist athletes with their personal program each day the athlete chooses to come in. There is no need to set up an appointment, simply show up between the scheduled daily hours and our coaches will be available to give the athlete any assistance they require with their own specific program. Since launch, unlimited performance training has been an extremely successful method for training athletes. We are not aware of another program in our region that offers this level of value and flexibility for advanced level athletes.

Here are the key points of the training program:

    Custom strength and conditioning program specific to the athlete’s needs and sport preferences.
    Up to 24 training sessions with 2SP coaches and trainers.**
    Speed and strength training from coaches with Division I college experience.
    Learn techniques and training strategies to dominate the competition.
    Bring a friend.*
    Month-to-month billing.
    Access to the Private Player Lounge
    Call for Pricing

*Comprehensive assessment required. *Times, dates, and accessibility may vary.

If you would like to know more about this training program, or would like to see firsthand how it works, please call us at (248) 397-8945 and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions or take you on a tour